Ultra-Span trusses are developed with a proprietary shape that brings your building the strongest Cold-Formed Steel on the market. Each Ultra-Span floor or roof truss is designed to take advantage of the greatest strength per pound of any cold-formed steel available. Add in the ease of construction the Ultra-Span design brings and your project is positioned for success.

This strength, along with the power of our industry leading design software, means your building will be stronger, last longer and enjoy greater resiliency for the duration of its design.

Additional Benefits:

We also provide various other services to our clients. MAC Prefab has positioned ourselves to offer a wide variety
of accessory metals to help in the installation of our metal trusses. These accessories include
(and vary on a job by job basis):

  • Custom Ridge, Hip, and Valley Bent Plate
  • Custom Fascia Bent Plate (Single and Double Bend typical, additional bends as needed)
  • Out Looker Framing (can be pre-assembled in the factory prior to delivery)

Let us help you obtain the goals of your next project. If you want some more information on the benefits of cold-formed steel construction, click the link.

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