When you have the ability to offer a roof truss in anything from a mansard to a clear span of over 80-feet, you know you are the industry leader. MAC Prefab utilizes Mitek Ultra-Span components because Mitek has set a new standard in the Cold-Formed Steel industry by offering the greatest versatility, coupled with the greatest strength per pound. By using the exact amount of steel your project needs—expertly calculated by our industry-leading estimating and design software, an Ultra-Span roof can add strength and reduce costs.

Ultra-Span Roofs offer:

One-sided fabrication

  • 100% non-combustible Prime Steel
  • Industry leading estimating and design software
  • Complete documentation including bracing, connections and installation
  • UL® assemblies
  • High recycled content assists in LEED certification

Let us help you obtain the goals of your next project. If you want some more information on the benefits of cold-formed steel construction, click the link.

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