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Matthew Cormier
Matthew CormierFounder
As an innovator and entrepreneur, organization and attention to detail have always been paramount to bringing success. Matt began learning this as a teen and has developed it into his trademark skillset. That, along with Matt’s 20+ years of experience in construction, provides the foundation MAC Prefab is built upon.

CFS Truss Market



University Design


  • Lowered Insurance Costs
  • Structural Integrity
  • Maintenance Free

  • Challenging Soil Conditions
  • Complex Roof Design
  • 80+ ft Ultra Span

  • Lightweight
  • Geometric Accuracy

  • Leed Points

  • Cost Effective Option

  • Any Bearing Anchorage
  • Reduced Foundation Design

Facilitating an architectural requirement is a lot easier when you have the flexible framing options CFS trusses provide along with the best CFS professional engineers in the industry to ensure your truss systems is up to your standards


Let us help you obtain the goals of your next project. If you want some more information on the benefits of cold-formed steel construction, click the link.

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