Cold-formed steel design makes complete sense from an architectural point of view. A cold-formed steel building will hold its structural integrity during the lifecycle of the building thanks to the added strength and resiliency of steel construction.


Steel is stronger pound for pound than any other building material. This strength allows Architects and Engineers a high degree of flexibility and more artistic license in the design process. The result is a beautiful building that both the designers and owner can be proud of.


One obvious advantage of steel vs. wood is that steel is much easier to recycle. Recycling wood building materials can be an arduous process that many times proves to be more trouble than it’s worth, whereas recycling steel is a fairly straight forward and efficient process.

Not only is steel easy to recycle, it can be infinitely recycled.

Insurance Benefits

Cold-formed steel does not contain any ingredients that contribute to fire and is therefore non-combustible. Construction companies are able to save a fortune on builder’s risk insurance, and building owners are able to save thousands on property insurance every year. One of the biggest reasons is that wood buildings are much more susceptible to fire, especially during the construction phase, before fire proofing materials are in place.


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